Find out what law-enforcement officers, emergency response teams and military personnel are saying about Always-on-Target® - the world's most realistic training system.



"We couldn't get any more real than shooting each other with real bullets," said Bowers, a member of the weapons training unit at the Academy." (Always-on-Target®) takes training to a new level of survivability in the real world. It's definitely worth it. I wouldn't be involved if it wasn't worth it."

Patty Reyes, Training as close to reality as you can get, The California Highway Patrolman, April 1999



"The use of the MOUT facility and Always-on-Target® held tremendous training value for MOUT tactics and techniques, and was the highlight of the two week schedule."

MOUT ACTD (Marine Experiment #4), After Action Report, USMC



"The potential advantages of using CQT® were not apparent to me until I paid attention and learned more about the product. The big advantage is training with ammunition that offers ballistic performance in non-ballistic environments."

Paul Ford, CQB with CQT® , A non-ballistic alternative for Swat Teams, Swat Consumer, Command Spring 1998, page 29



"It's live action where you're moving and your adrenaline is pumping. The bullets sting when it hits you, so you react and do things more realistically because you don't want to feel pain."

Filomena Gomes, Always-on-Target® reaches new level of realism, NJ Cops New Jersey's Law Enforcement Journal, December 1997



"And as far as training can take it, there is no better return for the investment of time and money than a quality, scenario-based, judgmental operant conditioning program built around the versatile Always-on-Target® FX® Training Ammunition systems."

Michael E. Conti, Always-on-Target® allows training with duty weapons, NJ Cops New Jersey's Law Enforcement Journal, August 1999, page 17



Training for real: "Realism is one of the most important aspects of law-enforcement training. This is especially true in those challenging scenarios that involve shooting inside buildings such as room clearing, dynamic entries and similar scenarios. While shooting at videotaped scenarios is of great benefit in decision making, nothing can take the place of shooting at real live targets that shoot back."

Gary Paul Johnston, A killer with hostages, Can you get a clear shot!, Swat Talk